Made To Order Bright Fun Polymer Clay Necklace in Your Choice of Colour

Would you love a handmade polymer clay necklace in your absolute FAVOURITE colours? Now you can ๐Ÿ™Œ


Simply message me with your colour choices and the style you want it made in, and then give me two weeks to make it. EASY. 


Each necklace is handmade by me and comes with an adjustable suede cord tie, held together with a polymer clay bead at the back.


As the piece is handmade it is one of a kind. The colours have been mixed by hand, and lovingly threaded on to the cord. I hope you love this piece as much as I loved making it.


Can be worn long or short, this piece is lightweight and a beautiful blast of colour to make any outfit.


Due to the nature of these necklaces, care should be taken with it. It is sturdy, but throwing or squashing it could cause it to break.


Typical sizing:

Longest length = 50cm
Widest point = 6cm
Depth of beads = 1.5cm


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