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Original Art: Abstract Acrylic Painting in Yellow (40x40x1cm)

Original Art: Abstract Acrylic Painting in Yellow (40x40x1cm)

This piece is part of a collection of three unnamed paintings. These brightly coloured pieces are layered with textures and paint on top of paint creating hidden images within the piece. They are painted on recycled canvases - the huge teal and purple one was an IKEA print and the smaller orange and red ones were others works I created and painted over.


This abstract piece is made using acrylic and oil on stretched canvas. It has not been varnished as there are different finishes to the paints which give a real variety to the piece - however it can be varnished on request. Both high gloss and matte options available.


It is handpainted by me, and is an opportunity to own original art and support an artist at the same time.


Size is 40x40cm and 1cm deep. Edges are painted.

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