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Reclaimed Repose: Abstract Acrylic Painting (20x38x1cm)

Reclaimed Repose: Abstract Acrylic Painting (20x38x1cm)

The Reclaimed Repose collection embodies my desire to calm the constant noise inside my head. The demands, the expectations, the regrets, I get them all down on the canvas and allow myself a moment of calm as I pull and mix the paint using a palette knife before splashing the work with acrylic inks.


Each piece is made up of layers upon layers, taking weeks to come together into a final artwork.


For this collection I have used a mixture of reused and recycled canvases. I often collect old unwanted canvases from people across Bristol which I paint over, giving old artworks a new lease of life and a fresh opportunity to be hung and enjoyed.


This abstract piece is made using acrylic on stretched canvas. It has not been varnished as there are different finishes to the paints which give a real variety to the piece - however it can be varnished on request. Both high gloss and matte options available.


It is handpainted by me, and is an opportunity to own original art and support an artist at the same time.


This piece is ideal for all you colour lovers out there, it's got a variety of shades from pinks to blues and everything in between. There is texture to this painting as I created it using layers applied with various tools including brushes, pallette knives and sticks.


Size is 20cm X 38cm and 1cm deep. Edges are painted which means you can hang it as it is.


This is a perfect gift for a housewarming party, first home, or for that arty person in your life.

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