An artist from the North East of England now living in South Wales, Karen Slater, aka GeetLush, is a trained facilitator and sex educator who runs creative and therapeutic art workshops across South Wales. She also creates beautiful art, interiors and wearable pieces from her studio in the Welsh Valleys.



£25 plus expenses

Perfect as a one-off, a team building activity or for those on a tight budget. These sessions are tailored to suit beginner, intermediate and advanced participants with activities that engage and challenge at all levels.

Easier sessions include friendship bracelet making, guided mindful drawing, and affirmation writing; with the intermediate and advanced sessions introducing more complex activities such as macrame and painting.


£80 plus expenses

Over a series of either two two-hour, or one four-hour session, participants will work with a medium such as clay or paint, learning skills to create something by themselves.

Themes such as gaining closure, confidence building and empowerment work particularly well in this format.




Learn how to paint in a relaxed environment of up to 8 participants. Taught in a step-by-step paintalong style, Karen leads from the front and paints with you.

Sessions are tailored to you and your pace, allowing time for everyone involved to create their own masterpiece to take home.

Price includes all materials and booking at O Dan, under Nos Da in Cardiff. Paintalongs can be booked to happen at your chosen venue with cost to be met by the client.


Upcoming Events

Paintalong at Wild Thing Cafe
Wild Thing Cafe
Paintalong at O Dan under Nos Da: March
Nos Da
Feminist Art and Craft Club: March
NosDa Hostel & Bar
Paintalong at O Dan under Nos Da: February
Nos Da
Feminist Art and Craft Club: February
NosDa Hostel & Bar
Paintalong at O Dan under Nos Da: January
Nos Da
Paintalong at O Dan under Nos Da: October
Nos Da
Paintalong at O Dan under Nos Da: September
Nos Da


Engaging in art activities boosts a sense of wellbeing which can help improve mental and physical health, so why not book a workshop catered to suit you and achieve your goals through art.

Get in touch with your requirements and dates for a quote.


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