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I am originally from the North East of England - where Geet means "very" and Lush means "nice" - hence the name GeetLush.

Making is my happy place ​and sharing these benefits with others is a natural part of my practice. ​My own paintings tend to be colourful, playful and layered. As a very tactile person​, I create pieces with deliberate drips and varying raised textures ​to invite people instinctively to explore my work through touch.

I love delivering group sessions, the opportunity to chat with people, sharing what I do and seeing how my ideas inspire the ​creation of their own works of art. These sessions are always quite relaxed and I facilitate from a curious perspective - giving participants a chance to enjoy themselves, get messy and reconnect with their inner child. 

I encourage individuality and people having the opportunity to make things in the way that feels best for them. In my sessions, I give people permission to break the rules and make their mark.

My feminism drives everything I do and I enjoy nothing more than working with groups of women where I can create a safe space for them to relax and enjoy a creative activity. It is an absolute privilege to be alongside women when conversation is flowing and the sharing of stories begins. 

"I did a paint-a-long with Karen, she was really patient with us all in the group, she gave us the confidence and the space to create our own art in our own style, while still making sure we were following along! Such a great experience. I'd definitely do it again!"

Laura, Paintalong participant

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