An artist from the North East of England now living in South Wales, Karen Slater, aka GeetLush, is a trained facilitator and sex educator who runs creative and therapeutic art workshops across South Wales.

In addition to nearly 30 years of personal art practice, Karen has a wealth of knowledge and transferable skills that she brings to her sessions including a career as a BBC News journalist - so you know she can maintain calm under pressure and work to tight deadlines!

She enjoys nothing more than combining her two loves - art and feminism - and does so in both her professional and personal practice. You can even join her for a paintalong party, where she encourages participants to learn about their bodies whilst creating artworks depicting the human form; or buy a tiny handmade silver vulva necklace from her Etsy store.

When she's not standing at an easel in front of a group, she can often be found volunteering for a charity close to her heart - Women’s Aid. Here she facilitates sessions where participants engage in empowering creative and therapeutic activities that allow them to explore their sense of self through the arts. 

As a very tactile learner, Karen engages in textured artworks where possible. This includes using mediums when she paints in order to create luscious layers of paint that scream out to be touched, and creating giant wombs from macrame fabric that invite you to climb inside them and envelop yourself within them.

Karen is a regular at the local craft fairs, and you can often find her teaming up with fellow creative - Twin Made - in Cardiff.


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