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£30 per hour + £20 per hour of prep work

These sessions are tailored to suit beginner, intermediate and advanced participants with activities that engage and challenge at all levels.

Easier sessions include friendship bracelet making, guided mindful drawing, and affirmation writing; with the intermediate and advanced sessions introducing more complex activities such as macrame and painting.

Material costs are in addition to the hourly rate. I can travel, but please contact me first to discuss this. 



£50 per hour + £20 per hour of prep work

Perfect as a one-off, a team building activity or as a series of activities for a wellbeing group of up to 6 people. If you have a larger group, message me for a quote. 

As with the one-to-one sessions, these are tailored to suit beginner, intermediate and advanced participants alike. 

Choose a series of sessions to explore an art medium, or work on a theme such as confidence building or empowerment.

Material costs are in addition to the hourly rate. I can travel, but please contact me first to discuss this. 




Learn how to paint in a relaxed environment of up to 8 participants. Taught in a step-by-step paintalong style, Karen leads from the front and paints with you.

Sessions are tailored to you and your pace, allowing time for everyone involved to create their own masterpiece to take home.


"Karen created an inclusive environment and communicated clear guidelines and instructions. The feedback received was that the sessions were inspiring, engaging, and challenging. Some of the women also stated they had found skills and talents they never knew they possessed!" - Michelle Naughton, Women's Aid RCT

"Karen is an experienced, creative and confident facilitator with experience with working in different contexts and with different groups of people. Her work is always diligently underpinned with theory and informed by evidence based practices. Her energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the practice makes Karen's workshops engaging and worthwhile." - Dr. Beth Pickard, University of South Wales

"I feel more confident in dealing with people now." - Social prescribing participant 

"Interesting, well organised and a good balance of activities" - Social prescribing participant 

"I didn't go to a lot of social and activity things before Karen came here, but now I do!" - Care home resident

"Karen is a huge asset to my wellbeing. I tried drawing and colouring, which I wouldn't have done without Karen's encouragement" - Care home resident

"A great way to meet like minded people and create something special and unique!"

Areesha, Necklace workshop participant



Engaging in art activities boosts a sense of wellbeing which can help improve mental and physical health, so why not book a workshop catered to suit you and achieve your goals through art.

Get in touch with your requirements and dates for a quote.

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