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A group art exhibition at St Woolos Hospital based around the themes of nature and the NHS

Do you see her? 2020 

Digital photograph of a mixed media sculpture with a painted background

A hidden, contained, figure represents the invisible caregiving work provided by women. Referred to in the past as a witch for her healing abilities, her use of nature as medicine led to the creation of aspirin, a painkiller derived from willow bark - both depicted above.

Behind her shines the moon, symbolising change and representing the cyclical nature of society’s interest in natural remedies.

Can you see seven words painted into the background? Those in the moon are taken from the Wiccan Rede, and those in the blue sky are from the Hippocratic Oath. I invite you to find similarities between the two and make your own connections.

The piece will be exhibited at St Woolos Hospital once the Covid 19 rules are lifted within Wales. It was due to be shown from May 2020.

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