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Small Vulva Silver Necklace

Small Vulva Silver Necklace

Handmade vulva necklaces created using silver clay.


Each one is individual... just like all vulvas :)


The vulvas measure approximately 0.7cm x 1cm.


There is a larger option available in my shop as well as matching earrings.


All images are necklaces that are ready to be shipped out ❤️


Love them but don't see one exactly how you'd like? Want the labia minora a bit bigger? Want some stubble around the labia majora? Something else? Absolutely no problem, drop me a message and I'll see what I can do! Please note however that custom orders take around three weeks to be made before they can be shipped out.


Silver clay is 99% pure silver once baked, and this item uses a sterling silver jump ring and chain.


The necklace comes in a black presentation box with a free polishing cloth.

As these beautiful pieces of wearable art are hand made, they have signs of finger prints and handling on the back. This is part of the charm of handmade - if you are looking for perfection these may not be for you 🙌.

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